Shock Wave Therapy

Choose shockwave therapy as it stands out as the optimal solution for addressing arthritis and pain syndromes in and around joints, particularly heel-related discomfort, heel pain, tennis elbow, and golf elbow resulting from overuse or static disorders.

Shockwave therapy represents a contemporary and highly efficient treatment approach utilizing a treatment head to transmit rapidly advancing sound waves to afflicted areas of the body. This innovative method systematically eradicates pain in tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, muscles, and the skeletal system while circumventing the need for steroid injections, painkillers, or surgical interventions.

The tangible benefits of this therapy emerge swiftly, often noticeable after just one or two sessions. By targeting the root cause of pain, this form of pain therapy enables the restoration of freedom of movement, thereby enhancing overall quality of life.

The efficacy of shockwave therapy is underscored by its impressive outcomes, as affirmed by doctors and therapists leveraging patented technology to treat an array of musculoskeletal conditions, encompassing but not limited to:

  • tennis elbow,
  • golf elbow,
  • calcified shoulder,
  • hip pain,
  • Achilles tendon pain,
  • heel spurs,
  • foot pain,
  • chronic ligament-joint capsule irritations,
  • inflammations,
  • acute and chronic back, shoulder and neck pain.
Shock wave therapy at Al Resalah Physiotherapy Center

Embracing shockwave therapy can be a game-changer for sports-related injuries, offering a viable alternative to the stress, uncertainty, and extended recovery associated with surgery.

This outpatient, cost-effective procedure minimizes risks and eliminates the need for prolonged recovery periods. Unlike traditional steroid injections still prevalent in sports injury treatment, shockwave therapy presents a non-invasive option.

The treatment is swift, with each point requiring only a few seconds, and approximately 2000 shocks delivered to the affected region. The success of shockwave therapy lies in its high-intensity shock waves, effectively reaching and addressing the entire targeted area.


  1. Alleviating muscle stiffness and addressing painful knots in muscular connective tissues.
  2. Targeting specific muscles like semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and biceps femoris, particularly beneficial for runners and footballers.
  3. Addressing issues related to the quadriceps muscle, especially when localized problems occur at the patella tip and/or base.
  4. Treating adductor muscles, pectineus muscle, infraspinatus muscle (relevant to golf and sports involving throwing), tibialis anterior, and tibialis posterior muscles.
  5. Managing tendon irritations, including conditions like tibialis posterior tendon issues (posterior tibial stress syndrome), tibialis anterior tendon problems (medial tibial stress syndrome), peroneal tendon discomfort, Achilles tendon issues, and tendonitis (irritation of the iliotibial tract over the lateral femoral condyle).
  6. Addressing specific conditions such as patella tendinitis, great trochanter pain syndrome, irritation of tendon attachments, calcaneodynia with Achilles tendon adhesions, pes anserinus irritation, and irritation of fascia lata in Gerdy’s tubercle.
  7. Providing relief for radial and ulnar epicondylitis (commonly known as Tennis elbow and golf elbow).
  8. Facilitating the follow-up treatment of muscle injuries, suitable 3-4 weeks post-injury if ultrasound excludes the presence of hematoma and the patient still experiences pain in the affected area.
  9. Extending benefits to various bone-related issues, including coccygeal spur, Haglund’s heel, and temporomandibular joint concerns.
  10. Offering a solution for chronic shoulder pain, calcified shoulder, and calcific tendonitis(s).