Child Physiotherapy

Pediatric/Child Physiotherapy

An emphasis of pediatric/child physiotherapy is on the gross motor function and posture of a child. The role of the physiotherapist apart from the treatment is to assess the child and give parents advice regarding handling, positioning and treatment through play and exercise in a holistic and practical manner.

In pediatric rehabilitation, especially neurological, the therapist is part the team with child’s physician, care giver, parents, speech therapist, teacher and anyone else involved in child’s life and recovery process in order to deliver optimized care that best suits the child.

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Conditions what we treat under Child Physiotherapy

We provide rehabilitation for babies with preterm birth, low birth weight, delayed birth cry, and the history of NICU stay. We enter all these babies in an early intervention program where their health is monitored until they reach all their milestones.

Al Resalah Clinic offer treatment for the following conditions under our physiotherapy and rehabilitation wing :

Cerebral Palcy

– Congenital deformities 

– Global developmental delay
– Muscular dystrophy

Bell’s palsy
– Traumatic brain injuries
– Spinal cord injuries 
– Static encephalopathy
– Nerve injuries
– Balance disorders
– Gait disturbances

Common signs your baby might need physiotherapy!

  • Baby only prefers to turn head to one side

  • Baby is not wearing weight on legs by 6 months

  • Baby is not sitting by 8 months

  • Baby is not crawling by 12 months

  • Baby is not walking by 18 months

  • Baby only walks on tip-toes for more than 6 months