Pre & Post Operative Physiotherapy

Pre -Operative Physiotherapy

In most cases, Orthopedic and Neuro surgeons recommend a comprehensive physiotherapy assessment and course of the treatment before other invasive interventions and surgery; to maximize the effect of the surgery, ensure faster rehabilitation and patients return to activities of daily life and sport. Pre- Operative physiotherapy is extremely useful and will speed up patient’s recovery time in case of planed orthopedic surgery, lower back or neck surgery and neuro surgery. However, regardless of the type of the surgery, starting physiotherapy before actual surgery will help patients to improve their immune system, expand lung capacity, improve metabolism and increase tissue elasticity so that they will heal and recover faster as well as minimize discomfort in the first days after the surgery like accumulated mucus in the lunges, muscle soreness, constipation, etc.

Post-Operative Physiotherapy

A major part of the successful outcome following surgical procedures is good physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment.
After the surgery physiotherapy treatment concentrates on:

  • Restoring optimal mobility
  • Strengthening weakened and disused muscles
  • Restoring normal movement patterns and habits
  • Compensation for any functional loss