Red Cord

Red Cord

Based on modern physiotherapy techniques

Suspension exercises to rebalance your body

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Uses for Redcord

With Redcord, we are able to activate the deeper levels of the core with small isolated movements that can be activated in suspension.

Once the deep layers are activated, we progress the treatment to include upper and lower extremities to contribute to better functional and everyday movements.

We can also use the Redcord system to treat the neck, back, hips, shoulders, and more by isolating and working each muscle in a unique, intentional way.

red cord therapy in Sharjah

Suspension Exercises

Discover a transformative path to healing at Al Resalah Physiotherapy Clinic, where we understand that pain, injury, and physical inactivity can disrupt not just your body but also impact your brain’s ability to control and activate muscles effectively. This interference can significantly affect your daily life. That’s where innovative therapies, such as those incorporating Redcord equipment, come into play as true game-changers.

Redcord, crafted by Kare Mosberg, a Norwegian carpenter and gymnast seeking relief from back pain, is a revolutionary suspension training system. This therapeutic approach utilizes stretchable cords to address injuries and pain in individuals requiring specialized treatment with minimal physical impact. In certain cases, Redcord therapy has proven to be a viable alternative to medication or surgery.

During a session at our clinic, our skilled therapists strategically position the cords beneath your head, neck, and various parts of your body, suspending you above the work table. This unique approach allows for freer movement with reduced pain, offering you a personalized and effective solution to reclaim control over your physical well-being.