Rayan Hamdan

Rayan Hamdan is a highly dedicated and compassionate physiotherapist licensed by both the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Sharjah. Her unwavering commitment to assisting patients in regaining their mobility and enhancing their overall quality of life serves as the driving force behind her career in physiotherapy.

Rayan’s profound enthusiasm for physiotherapy emanates from her profound dedication to enhancing individuals’ well-being through personalized care and evidence-based approaches. She has gained invaluable experience through her work in prestigious healthcare institutions, notably the renowned Saudi German Hospital in Dubai, where she refined her skills and deepened her commitment to delivering exceptional patient care.

Rayan specializes in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Pediatric Physiotherapy, Sports Injury Management, Manual Therapy Techniques, and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation. She has also obtained certifications in Dry Needling and holds a Level 1 certification in treating scoliosis using the Schroth method.

She has experience working in Saudi German Hospital Dubai, Rashid Pediatric Center Dubai, Zulekha Hospital Dubai, Al Qassimi Hospital Sharjah.

Rayan Hamdan offers a comprehensive array of physiotherapy services meticulously tailored to address the unique requirements of each patient. Her services encompass the assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions, the creation of individualized treatment plans, hands-on manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise programs, effective pain management strategies, post-surgery rehabilitation, sports injury rehabilitation, the design of home exercise programs, and patient education on self-care practices.

Rayan Hamdan Physiotherapist